1. Criteria for Re-Enrollment
    • Re-enrollment to the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences will be based upon an evaluation of the applicant's academic performance by the school's Admissions and Scholastic Standing Committee. Re-enrollment applications must be received by the deadlines noted below.
  2. Conditions
    • Students must pursue a major offered by the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. These majors are listed within the online application or can be accessed at
    • Students who have been dismissed from a Rutgers school other than the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences for academic or disciplinary reasons should schedule a meeting with the school contact prior to applying.
    • Individuals applying for non-matriculated status can enroll on a full- or part-time basis in existing School of Environmental and Biological Sciences undergraduate courses (on a space-available basis). Students may take up to 32 credits in this program. Grades earned as a non-matriculating student are not calculated in the GPA.
    • If re-enrolled, any additional conditions/restrictions will be outlined in the notification message to re-enrolling students.
  3. Required Documents
    • The University Registrar will automatically forward the applicant’s Rutgers University academic transcript to the school upon submission of the online re-enrollment application.
    • Applicants must submit official transcripts for any coursework (if applicable) completed prior to applying for re-enrollment. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that all required documentation has been submitted prior to the application deadline.
  4. School Contact
    • Dean Robert Hills, 848-932-3000
      Office of Academic Programs
      Martin Hall
      88 Lipman Drive
      New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8525
  5. Graduation Requirements
  6. Re-enrolled students must adhere to all School of Environmental and Biological Sciences academic policies/procedures and requirements for degree completion.
  7. Application Deadline/Procedures and Notification Schedule
    • Students interested in applying for re-enrollment to the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences must submit the online re-enrollment application no later than January 9 for the spring semester and August 15 for the fall semester.
    • Students are limited to one re-enrollment application submission each semester.
    • Applicants will receive notification of their re-enrollment decision via email based upon the timeline as indicated under the Application Procedures and Timeline section of the re-enrollment application.
  8. General Advising/Registration Information
    • In the initial letter of re-enrollment, students will be notified of their academic adviser, class year and curriculum code. It is essential that students contact their adviser to discuss their academic program. Questions relating to academic policies and procedures can be directed to the Office of Academic Programs at 848-932-3512. Students should also access Degree Navigator for information relating to degree requirements.
  9. School Enrollment
    • By submitting an application, a re-enrolling student declares his/her intention to enroll at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. The dean’s office will notify the University Registrar to record the student’s school of registration as the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (school code #11).
  10. Withdrawal of Application
    • Prior to a decision, an applicant may withdraw his/her application by visiting the re-enrollment application status screen and clicking "Withdraw My Application."
  11. Withdrawal After Approval for Re-Enrollment
    • If a re-enrolling student is unable to enroll at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, he/she must notify the school contact immediately so that his/her school of registration may be modified accordingly.
  12. University Housing
    • Students may contact Housing and Residence Life at 732-445-0750 to inquire about housing opportunities at the school for the upcoming semester. Housing accommodations are assigned to re-enrolling students on a space-available basis and are not guaranteed.
  13. Student Accounting/Financial Aid
  14. Accommodation under ADA/Section 504